Inox Leasing and Finance Limited (ILFL) was incorporated on February 17, 1995 as Inox Leasing and Finance Private Limited (ILFL) and the word “Private” was deleted from its name pursuant to the provisions of Section 43A of the Companies Act with effect from November 22, 1995. Further, ILFL changed its status from being a public company by virtue of section 43A of the Companies Act to being a public company with effect from January 28, 1998.

The main business of ILFL is to conduct the business as a finance company including financing industrial, commercial and business operations by means of loans, leasing, hiring and hire purchases, dealing in shares and securities. Currently ILFL, being an investment company, is engaged in the business of financing and investments in equity shares of the companies. ILFL has obtained certificate of registration to carry on the business of a non-banking finance institution vide Certificate of Registration No. B-13.01448 dated January 4, 2001. ILFL also gets rent income from office premises given on lease. From the year 2004-05, ILFL has also commenced the business of distribution of units of mutual funds, and gets brokerage income. ILFL is registered with Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI) as a mutual fund advisor.